I always like to see how different artists use the same material to achieve totally different effects.
I believe that each material has a wide range of abilities and creative options to offer to a skillful artist, but some materials are even more versatile than the others - like, let's say, copper.

Here are just a few of my favorite picks in copper. There are many more that I would love to share, so I expect copper to be back one day.
1. Personalized money clip from With Love, Heather
2. Spiral Bowl from Rust and Roots
3. Hand forged earrings from Sandra Webster Jewelry
4. Etched cuff from Boo Beads
5. Ring with a silver spinner from Laurel Treasures
6. Copper buttons from Copperista
7. Peter Pan collar necklace by Laura Busony
8. Address plaque from Atlas Signs and Plaques


  1. Very nice finds! I'm really drawn to that cuff, even though I never wear cuffs. Just loving the circles I guess. TFS!

  2. Lovely warm coppery collection!

  3. Beautiful! I especially love the cuff. And that address plate would be perfect for our house as we've done a few arts and crafts style renovations inside our house.

  4. No. 7 is awesome amongst the beautiful picks that you have chosen!

  5. Amazing! I really like the cooper collar!

  6. Copper is such a versatile and wonderful material! I have a soft spot for it as well. Thank you for this inspiring collection, Jagna! :-)