Yes, you can email me.

Actually, I'll be very happy if you mail me, it can be about anything. I don't promise I will answer every email very quickly, but I certainly will do my best.

I will be happy if you share with me those gorgeous earrings you have seen last week on that artist's site or if you drop me a line with some interesting gossip about somebody new you have just discovered. No, I don't mean THAT sort of gossip, just the sort that will fit the blog.

You can also send pictures and some short info (don't forget a link to your site, blog, or shop, whichever you prefer)  in case you would like to be featured yourself - but here I have to be clear.
I do not have the time to seriously edit your photos before I can put them on the blog. So please, if you are sending photos (not more than three at a time) make sure they are of good quality. Keep in mind that for collages I can use photos with white background only, and I do like collages a lot.
Yes, I know how hard it is get the right white balance... If your backgrounds are just a bit greyish, I can handle the rest myself .

If I love your work and would like to have a big post full of it, I will get back to you for the details. For the smaller posts I only need the basic info and a couple of pictures so you don't have to write a novel especially for me.

To email me just use this address: instylewithhandmade(at)

To call me...No, calling me is wasting time, really, you can ask my husband... For some strange reason I never hear that damn phone of mine ring ;-)

To visit me just click the header on top of this blog and go on reading.

Ah, I have almost forgotten the most important one.
If you want to send me some warm birthday wishes, please do so in January. Or any other time of the year, if you find it is more convenient.