Handmade embodies the soul - creating and sharing is the quintessential experience for an artist.
Shelley Koscielniak (MK Wind)

My name is Shelley, I live in Los Angeles, California.  The journey of MK Wind began with my passion for body adornment. The concept of my work is minimalism … artistry in subtle form … less is more.  My designs are bold and graphic thriving on the juxtaposition of harmonious and incongruous materials. Embracing my many art influences, my colour palettes and interpretation of form are inspired by the spontaneity and mysticism of abstract expressionism. Meticulously crafted sculptures reflect the aesthetic of minimalism, modern architecture and Asian calligraphy.

My creative process is heavily influenced by metal which my favorite medium.  From the initial sketches to the finished piece, the inherit structure of the metal leads me to create designs exhibiting rigidity and flexibility with a Zen influence.  Drawing on the colours of the metals, woods and resins, each piece exhibits a melding of the qualities of materials adding their own unique character to the work.
I am intrigued by the aesthetic of how a culture implements ornamentation, using embellishments to change a look, an appearance, a perception. My ever-changing designs are timeless in structure and form, each piece is created to appeal to the eye as well as the soul. From the precious metals to the individually selected reclaimed resin and exotic wood, the essence of my jewelry captivates the mind and spirit. With expressive subtle colours and clean sharp lines, these designs harness energy and artistry. 

I graduated with honors from Columbia College Chicago with a BFA in Fine Arts and furthered my studies at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  My years as a fine art curator have also played a large role in the evolution of my work.

... choose your body embellishment as you would a companion, find comfort and harmony in wearing these pieces ...

To me Shelley's artwork is simply fascinating.
I love the forms, the materials and the textures - and the precision with which each of  the pieces is put together and finished. 
And - having my background in architecture - I always enjoy minimalist architectural and industrial styles. After all, it was an architect who first said that 'less is more'.

Each of Shelley's pieces is hand fabricated in her Los Angeles studio.
You can see more of her jewelry on her website, you can also buy it in her Etsy shop.


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