No need to say much today.
It's spring, there has been no Easter yet this year, so it must be coming.
When Easter is coming everything is about eggs, yes?

I have found some eggs that I really like. 
You can call me a simple person since I prefer simple decorations for my home, but believe me - looking for Easter eggs it is really hard to find something of this kind. 

If you like rich decorations the only problem you will have to face will be picking your favorites from the gazillions of beautifully decorated eggs you can find all over the Universe. This might take quite some time, I'm afraid. There's a big chance you won't get done before the Easter Sunday. 

So why don't you take it easy and just enjoy the simple yet beautiful eggs  that I have already picked for you?
1. Egg gourds from midnightcoiler
2. Heart egg from bysimple
3. Bird's nest with eggs from felt jar
4. Pastel toy eggs from apple n amos
5. Wooden Easter eggs from Bright Life Toys
6. Glass egg from Avolie Glass
7. Pastel egg candles from Kittredge Candles
8. Blue primitive eggs from Sweet Liberty Barn



Lisa Stevens

Lisa Stevens

Lisa Stevens

I love all kinds of vessels, bowls and dishes.
I love porcelain.
I love textures.
I love blues, greens, teals, whites and all mixtures of those.
I love Lisa's tiny dishes. Point.
Porcelain dishes by Lisa Stevens from seaurchin



Have you ever met a nude descending a staircase?
And how about THE Nude Descending a Staircase? Yes, exactly that one, the very famous piece by Marcel Duchamp. An explosion of triangles, right? Such an amazing painting...

But, here is a good news for you. You don't have to travel to Philadelphia to see some great triangles, you can find them pretty much everywhere. 
Here are a few of my favorite picks having to do with triangles.

1. Tangram magnets from niceniceniceDE
2. Abstract ring from  tadastudio
3. Plate from BlueFlowerPottery
4. Art Deco purse from Sir Tom
5. Geometric necklace from iluxo
6. Tank dress from Jessalin Beutler
7. Iphone case from Nap Page
8. Upholstery fabric from NewMomDesigns



Do you know what a bowl with possibilities is? 
Well, just look at the photo and try to see just one red cherry inside that bowl (ok, you can have more cherries if you want, just don't go over the top!)
Or a rose flower, or a tulip. Or a stone. Or... 
See, those are possibilities.
Not every bowl in the world has that many of them, you have my word on that.

White mosaic bowl by Sirli Mosaic



Permanent Space IV by Olga Sanchez

One of the pieces I would love to have on my wall.
Could be staring at it endlessly following the lines, counting squares, thinking of how would it look if I turned it. Trying to figure out the purpose of those tiny blue spots here and there. Wasting time and feeling good about it.
It seems the reasons why I love this mural are also the reasons why I shouldn't have it. Especially the last one.

'Permanent Space IV', ceramic mural by Olga Sanchez




That's how I would describe aquamarine if I could use only one word.
If I could use more, I would say... intriguing, again. Somewhere between green and blue, making me think of clear see waters and summer. Beautiful.
Here you can see some of my favorite picks in aquamarine.

1. Ankle shoes from Mucha Muchacha
2. Eye shadow from Rhasdala
3. Messenger bag from bayan hippo
4. Flower vase from Uneek Glass Fusions
5. Earrings from nanettebevan
6. Tumbler from Crabtree Ceramics
7. Leather mini clutch from Marketa New York Shop
8. Table lamp from Filigree Creations
9. Journal from Peaseblossom Studio




Great art to look at on a lazy Sunday.
Great art to look at any other day of the week, actually.
I love it.
Floral art photography by DUEALBERI



It's good to have some plants around, yes?
And it's good to have pretty things around, we sure can agree on that?
And it's even better to have those two combined.
So, how about doing some planting?
Planting is very relaxing. A great thing to be done in a weekend, right?




Take your time and enjoy.

I love them all.
Possibly that's why I don't have any at home.

1. Large yellow clock - whitevan
2. Sticks sculpture clock - One of a Time
3. Modern urban clock - blueorder
4. Desk clock BUJACZEK - Studio Artma
5. Recycled bike wheel clock - pixelthis
6. Modern abstract clock - Cool Stuff Art Gallery
7 Polka dots on pink clock - Raina Elizabeth Designs
8. Green splat bamboo clock - pilotdesign
9. Outnumbered clock III - All 15 Designs
10. Upcycled wall clock - lacasa
11. Birds wall clock - bastacollection
12. Room with a view clock - GiftsandStars



A polka-dot has the form of the sun which is a symbol of the energy of the whole world and our living life and also the form of the moon, which is calm. Round, soft, colorful, senseless and unknowing. Polka-dots become movement... Polka dots are a way to infinity

It's very clever, yes? Do you know who could have been clever enough to figure it out like this?
No, none of the fashion designers.
No actress, no celebrity...
No, Einstein was very (and I mean VERY) clever, but somehow he missed that polka dot thing. Being too busy with his E=mc², possibly.

The quote comes from a Japanese artist being obsessed with polka dots throughout her whole life (she's in her eighties right now, so it's been quite a long while), Yayoi Kusama.
An exhibition of her newest works just finished in Brisbane, you can see that amazing stuff right here.

BTW. In 2008 Christies sold one of Kusama's pieces for $5.1 million which was the record for a living female artist.

1. Decorative pillow cover set - Posh Street Pillows
2. Handpainted vase - DeLyshDesign
3. Peter Pan collar - MES DAMES
4. Wall or desk clock - MAKING TIME TC
5. Tote bag - K Noel Designs
6. Wine goblets -  BonCreationz
7. Lampwork beads -  BEADiNtRiGuE
8. Decorative pillow cover Beau Beau Blackford Studio



The spring 2012 is now officially started, yes?

Watercolors 'Spring Prototype' and 'Purple Tulips' by Raluca Anghel



It's made of glass and cork...
It's not a wine bottle...
It's not ANY bottle, as a matter of fact (but it could have been in some previous life...).
It's one of a kind...

So, finally you have it! 
Yes, it is a bracelet. And a fabulous one, if you only asked me...

Cork cuff bracelet  with chiseled recycled glass from i.e. CULTURE



Have you ever tried to make an origami crane?
So have I, actually. I have produced a whole bunch of miserable crippled cranes in my life before I finally decided to give up origami...
So, let's not discuss origami cranes here... How about discussing a bracelet instead?

It's paper. It's handmade. And I simply love it.

Red paper bracelet from Manufactapaper



You can see the black, right? Yes, I know, it's hard not to see it, I'm just making sure you are looking at the right pictures. So, you can see the black... Good, that's the start. Now, how about seeing how cool those things are? Ah, you have already noticed! Of course you have, it's not possible to miss it, just making sure again... Sorry for playing games.
Now, in case you haven't noticed the title of this blog... or you were thinking the title is a joke... Yes, all those things are handmade, and so will be everything I'll ever put on this blog. Good, now we have it clear. Black on white, I mean.

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