No need to say much today.
It's spring, there has been no Easter yet this year, so it must be coming.
When Easter is coming everything is about eggs, yes?

I have found some eggs that I really like. 
You can call me a simple person since I prefer simple decorations for my home, but believe me - looking for Easter eggs it is really hard to find something of this kind. 

If you like rich decorations the only problem you will have to face will be picking your favorites from the gazillions of beautifully decorated eggs you can find all over the Universe. This might take quite some time, I'm afraid. There's a big chance you won't get done before the Easter Sunday. 

So why don't you take it easy and just enjoy the simple yet beautiful eggs  that I have already picked for you?
1. Egg gourds from midnightcoiler
2. Heart egg from bysimple
3. Bird's nest with eggs from felt jar
4. Pastel toy eggs from apple n amos
5. Wooden Easter eggs from Bright Life Toys
6. Glass egg from Avolie Glass
7. Pastel egg candles from Kittredge Candles
8. Blue primitive eggs from Sweet Liberty Barn


  1. this is beautiful, and I love simple too! thanks for featuring my eggs :)

  2. Unique eggs! Great photographs!

  3. I love Easter eggs too, my favorite is the second. Thanks for sharing Jagna.