I have already said hello, haven't I?
In case you missed it, hello again, I'm really glad to see you!
I'm Jagna Birecka, the owner and editor (why, this is sounding serious!) of this really cool blog that you are just reading. And you are... let me guess... you must be the person I've been waiting for to show a whole lot of fabulous pieces I have traced all over the internet!
What? Wait a minute, this blog is just a baby, don't expect too much of it, stop being ridiculous!

Now you want to know what is the idea behind starting a new blog while there are millions of them already? No, that is not a polite question. But well, I will tell you. There are millions of blogs out there, but none of them is THIS one! Yes, it is THAT simple, really!

You still have many questions? I'll try to answer just a little bit later, now I better go and look for something really special to show to those guys who are interested in looking at awesome artwork rather than in reading about how the blog is going to be run!

See you later, hope you will enjoy going through this blog and you'll be coming back often  to see it grow :-)