Handmade is a lifestyle. It is a choice, an option for a more humane and conscious society.
Sandra Maria Rosa

My name is Sandra. I live in Portugal together with my husband and our four year old son.
Creativity has been a very important part of me since my childhood.

I studied at an art school and after that  I specialized in conservation and restoration of ancient pottery and tiles, working for several years at a school museum, in the area of conservation and restoration.

Throughout my whole life I wanted to do my own thing, turning my own projects into real pieces.
To start working on my own was a difficult step to take and it took me a few years to gain the courage to leave my comfort zone and take the risk...
Finally when my son was born, it happened.
I just could not go on not following my dreams, that was not the message I wanted to be passing with my life to my little boy.
So at the most unexpected moment  I said goodbye to my job and started to work only on my own creations.

I love working with ceramics, the possibilities there are endless. I'm especially passionate about ceramic jewelery,  when I'm finishing one piece I am already imagining how the next ones will look like.

I am passionate about color, this is easy to be seen in my pieces. For me color is energy, it is the energy and good vibes that I want to pass on with my artwork.

The quality of materials I am using for my pieces is also a big concern of mine. I always carefully chose the type of clay and make sure that my glazes are always lead free.

I have many new projects yet to start. I do not have the time to do them all, but I want to be coming up with new pieces, new designs and new concepts.

Every day is different, every day I learn a little more, and every day I share my passion with others. It is just wonderful to be able to live like that.

Another very important thing that I have gained over these last few years is getting in touch with many new people. With some I just share my passion, with some I exchange experiences, some wonderful artists inspire me and give me the courage to work on, improve my skills and be original.

Today I work twice as many hours as I used to when working for others.
And I'm twice as happy.

I love what I am doing. I am putting my love into the pieces I create and I hope people are enjoying them as much as I do enjoy the process of their making.

Great story, isn't it? And such beautiful pieces...
You can see more of them every Tuesday this month, right here on this blog.

You can also see (and buy) Sandra's artwork in several design shops in Portugal.
If Portugal is not really handy for you, you can also find Sandra on Etsy and Luulla.

I like to make things complicated, so The Artist Of The Month is going to be my new weekly column.


  1. Such a lovely and inspiring story! I love Sandra's work...thank you for sharing!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Sandra's amazing creations!
    Her use of colour is so arresting!
    Wonderful post.

  3. Great story, thank you Jgna for sharing this with us!

  4. Dear Jagna thank you so much. I'm very flattered for being featured in your amazing blog.

    Thanks everyone for the marvelous comments about my work :)

  5. I Love Sandra work :)

    thank you for sharing the story behind your creations!

    xoxo from Poland ... I love Portugal so much ... wish I could visit it again some day ......

  6. I love Sandra´s creations so much. Great to learn something new about her inspiration.

  7. she makes very beautiful things ! a talented woman !

  8. These are such beautiful pieces! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. Beautiful post! I love Sandra works and I think she is a very special woman.

  10. Great start for your artist of the month weekly column LOL :)
    Great reading about Sandra, love her work and happy for her that she followed her dreams!